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Goals Of College

The Faculty of Fine Arts aims at:

1- To promote scientific artistic movement and scientific research to the highest level for all those who wish to be competent within the requirements of development plans.

2- Meeting the needs of the Iraqi ministries and other sectors with technical and educational specifications for the different fields of the fine arts, including:

A. Preparation of university professors, scientists and intellectuals in the field of art.

B - Preparation of artistic angels specializing in painting, sculpture, pottery, interior design, typography, industrial design, fabric design, radio and television, film arts, Arabic calligraphy and decoration, musical arts, performing arts, It is represented by theater plays, theater productions and theater techniques.

3- Preparing professionals in the field of arts in general so that the duration, conditions and content of the study are consistent with the needs of society.

4- To contribute to the creation of a general environment for artistic culture in accordance with the social and moral values and the preservation of the original values within the framework of a cohesive society.

5- Emphasize the impact of art as a revolutionary tool in building society and developing scientific trends in a critical technical thinking style and employing it in addressing society's issues and problems.

6- Provide technical, literary, scientific and material reasons to ensure that faculty members and researchers practice art and technical education to achieve creativity and innovation.

7- To ensure that students are guided and have the best choice for their activities and scientific, technical and professional specializations; And providing them with the necessary expertise and elements of preparation and training.

8- The student is accustomed to considering scientific methods in dealing with dilemmas and solving problems, and facing life situations and challenges.

I will have been working here for ten years next week.

10- Providing direct scientific and technical services and consultations to the State and community.

11- Support and encourage civil society organizations, associations, trade unions and scientific and technical associations and provide for their development and development.