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Email addresses of faculty members


ProfIbrahim blessing Mahmoud


ProfMahmoud Hammadi has returned

dr.Jalil @ 

ProfJalil and Dai Hammoud

namer.kasim @ 

ProfNameer Qasim Khalaf

alizaid @

Prof. Dr. Ali Zaid Manhal @ 

M.DYousra Abdel Wahab Mahmoud

wadhasan @ 

A..M Waddah Hassan Falih

A..M . Emad Khudair Abbas

@ ammaraldaraji

A..M . Ammar Fadel Hassan

A..M . Hussain Muhammad Ali


M.DSamah Hassan Falih

rab.karim @ 

MRabab Karim Kitan

rajaa.h @ 

MRajaa Hamid Rasheed @ 

MAdel Atallah Khalifa @ 

MBeda Anwar Razouki

reem.m @ 

MReem Abdel-Hussein Mahmoud

omar @ 

MOmar Qasim Ali

M.D. Waed Abdul Amir Khalaf

M.DGolan Hussein Alwan

Dr. Ansam Iyad

M.DRafid Mahmoud Mashi

A..M . Fadel Mahmoud Khudair

M.DNabil and Dai Hammoud

MMoayad Abbas Karim

MWijdan Adnan Mohammed

MMuhammad Samir Muhammad

M.DAhmed Abdul Sattar

M. Shaima Miqdad Hamid Hassan

Dr. Shaima Nizar Ayesh

M. Visions of Khaled Abdul Latif